Author: Kim

Kaylee Haze 0

Kaylee Haze – Embrace Your Flatness

Honestly, I’ve stuffed my bra before. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it’s true. It backfired, because one day that I had stuffed my bra I unexpectedly hooked up with some guy.

Lila Rose 0

Lila Rose – Show Off

There’s not much to tell. I’m your run-of-the-mill teenage girl. I have a higher than normal sex drive, I guess. That’s what led me here. I’ve always been pushing the boundaries when it comes...

Stacy Kiss 0

Stacy Kiss – Locker Room Lust

Tell us where you are, Stacy! “I’m in a locker room. I’ve had a lot of sex in locker rooms before, so this is a lot of fun for me. In fact, my first...

Ariana Grand 0

Ariana Grand – Fucked Flaps

Ariana is a cutie from the Midwest with pretty green eyes, A-cup tits and some seriously meaty lips. A tasty snack like that can’t go to waste, so JMac tongues her twat and asshole,...

Tessa 0

Tessa – Tinsel Tart

Brace-faced Tessa is back! You last saw the lovely Tessa back in our May ’14 issue. We asked then what was on the horizon for this precocious and sexually-inexperienced teen. She said she really...

Maddy Rose 0

Maddy Rose – Take Me

“I’m pretty small, but I love big guys. They look so strong and sexy. I love it when they have big hands that completely cover one of my boobs or one of my ass...