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Cumming Out of Her Shell - Maddy Rose 15 0

Cumming Out of Her Shell – Maddy Rose

It looks like little Maddy is learning how to loosen up. The last time we saw her she was shy in front of the camera, but now we can see her opening up and...

Czech Her Out - Linda Sweet - 08 0

Czech Her Out – Linda Sweet

Say hello to Linda. She won’t understand you, though. Her English isn’t the best. In fact, we had to use a translator to talk. She works at a small bakery that her parents own....

Almost All the Way - Sammy Daniels - 11 0

Almost All the Way – Sammy Daniels

“I’m still getting used to taking big cocks. I’m pretty small and tight so I usually can’t take them all the way unless I’m really warmed up. But when they hit that spot deep...

Still Growing – Tali Dova 0

Still Growing – Tali Dova

If Tali looks like a nice girl, it’s because she really is one. This Michigan-born cutie (who now lives in Florida) likes to play video games and is able to crochet a hat in...

Shaft Ticklers - Ariana - 10 0

Shaft Ticklers – Ariana

“I love my big, meaty pussy lips. When I get super wet, they get sticky and shiny with my juices. I know my lips are bigger than most girls’, but that’s what makes me...

First Time Feeling - Alexis Adams - 16 0

First Time Feeling – Alexis Adams

You always remember your first–especially when it’s on-camera! Although we ran a hardcore layout of Alexis in the April ’13 issue, this was actually the first time she fucked on-camera.

Tinkle Twat - Charli Maverick - 13 0

Tinkle Twat – Charli Maverick

Charli, have you ever let a guy watch you pee? “What? Oh my god, no! I think I would be way too embarrassed. It’s so strange that you asked me that though, because there...

Slutty Transformation - Sammy Daniels - 10 0

Slutty Transformation – Sammy Daniels

The more cock Sammy experiences, the sluttier she gets. Now that she’s gone for a couple of rounds in our studio, she’s learning tricks like how to slobber on a cock and spread her...