Busty Pool Babes

Danniella Levy and Katie Thornton.

Two busty birds from England, two string swimsuits that have less material than a Xmas ribbon, a cool house in sunny Miami and a bottle of oil. Mash them all up and we've got "Busty Pool Babes" with Katie Thornton and Danniella Levy. The cheeky girls unwrap each other--it's easy and fast since they're wearing almost nothing--and continue their naked oil rub-down and massaging at poolside. Their beautiful shining bodies soak up the rays as they explore each other's big tits, sleek legs and tight butt cheeks. "I love Katie's big boobs," says Danniella, who can't keep her hands off of Katie. "Danni's body is perfect," echoes Katie. Back over the big pond they went after this shoot but they'll return.

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