Savana Blue - Trimmed Pussy Big Tits

Savana Blue.

The video of this scene begins with an interview of both Savana Blue and Carlos Rios before they get down and sweaty on each other in an epic fuck. Savana has got a sexy brain and a sexy mouth. She's not just sowing her wild oats. She's dropping a ton of wild oats and Carlos is right there to catch 'em. Savana's been eyeing his junk all morning and the build-up in her needs to be released. She wants Carlos to fuck the shit out of her, as she says in the opening segment. Savana gets fed cock just the way she says she likes it. Holding her head, he face-fucks Savana then fucks her big 46I tits. She can't wait to mount his pole and let her boobs fly as she rides him hard. Short and stacked, Savana's a powerhouse of high-energy sex.

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