Chevy Cobain - She'll Make You Pop

Chevy Cobain.

Chevy Cobain is a quiet, young, sweet thang from Pennsylvania who said her most-fun job was working at Macy's department store. That was until Chevy got into taking off her clothes in photos and videos. Peter has a bust-man's holiday helping himself to Chevy's fat 40H hooters, heavy and hefty with wide, tawny-toned areolae. They're like putty in his hands, pliable and squeezable. He holds fistfuls of her bra-meat and pulls on her nipples. Chevy gets on her knees so Peter can fuck her face. They shoehorn his cock inside her cleavage, put it back in her mouth, then stick it back between her breasts. But as great as that is, Chevy's pussy deerves a lot of attention, too, so it's time to fill that girl up. It's hard to believe that Chevy doesn't get asked out on dates all the time and doesn't get sex that often. That's what she said.

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