Nikky Wilder - Football Goes Better With Tits

Nikky Wilder.

Our talented makeup stylist took a look at Nikky Wilder's full-figured bod and asked her if she'd like some footballs painted on her big tits. Why not? See the speeded-up tit-painting process in the video version of this photo set. It's very cool. Nikky is a huge football fan and is a walking data bank about the Seattle Seahawks. Does the team know about her? It should. She recites five facts about the team that most sports writers wouldn't know. In these pictures, Nikky does not show the secret hand signals that cheerleaders make to attract a player's attention. She's spanking one out for the team. We couldn't ask for a hotter tight end. No surprise that so many studs at XL Girls want to rush and tackle her.

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