Tropic Plumper

Scarlett Webb.

38J-cup dreamgirl Scarlett Webb hails from Atlanta. She was Voluptuous Magazine's Plumper of the Year 2005 winner and was featured on the cover of May '06 Voluptuous as well as on the cover of XL Girls SP #116. "At home, I usually am naked or wearing panties and a tank top," said Scarlett. "I can't wait to take my bra off when I walk in the door! Most of the time in public, I really need to wear a bra as most outfits don't look right without one when your breasts are so large. If I am wearing a sexy dress, I sometime will wear a corset instead of a bra as it lifts my boobs and gives me a great waistline." Scarlett stopped modeling just as she was getting started. Maybe she met her Prince Charming. Those guys usually get in our way. We can't say for sure. "I am most satisfied sexually when I really have deep feelings for someone. Once that connection is there, the sex becomes incredibly mind-blowing on a whole different level.

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